iPhone Native Application


Apple iPhone is bringing a huge revolution in the world of mobile technology and it has been a platform to expand ground-breaking mobile applications that boost the mobile phone usability. iPhone native application are the kind of programs that run on iPhone hardware directly and there is no need of any external support. At Conversys Technologies, wide range of applications are developed using the iPhone based on demand, need and innovation. iPhone is considered to be a very strong and effective tool in the present tech savvy generation of Smartphone. These are innovative applications that include multi-touch support, accelerometer, iPhone camera, hand gestures and built in GPS. We have a deep knowledge on the iPhone native application platform that is mandatory for designing and developing applications. We take a clear point of view of the customer which is really very crucial as we care about customer satisfaction. Our developers are masters in two big technologies Cocoa and Objective-C with strong command over syntax. We provide iPhone native applications service which is worth the cost incurred and in lesser time.

iPhone applications at CONVERSYS:

  • High Class designs

    We add zest to the configuration of your iPhone with iPhone native applications which is default on your iPhone. You may be interested in having a few add-ons to the native applications and so Conversys welcomes you to pick up the credibility of your iPhone native apps.

  • Constant research and development

    There are a numerous factors related with the development of iPhone native application development which can be done with the assistance of highly qualified programmers. We try our best so that we succeed in cracking all obstructions on the way.

  • Fast and unique service

    Quick delivery is the bridge of our service and so our Conversys team delivers qualified set of aaps in a timely fashion. We make your phone street creed by versatile iPhone native apps development. There are Specific programmers to look after the criteria for development of your iPhone applications.

  • Cutting edge technology

    At Conversys we have expertise spanning across all aspects of Mobile and iPhone application development. We guarantee you effective, intuitive, and functional iPhone presence that brings your business to advancement and cutting edge of technology..

Native iPhone applications offer the following benefits:

At Conversys, we provide an integrated process for the development of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad native applications using iPhone SDK. Our iPhone/iPad development method covers the whole process from design and development to the architecture and deployment of the application in the Apple App Store.The development process starts with analyzing the functional requirements, defining screen layout, user interface design and creating the design of the finished product. This provides us with the scope for further development of an iPhone/iPad application that is easy to promote. All mobile application development projects are developed as per the Apple iOS development guidelines:

  • Extended functionality - Mobile applications can provide application functionality or utility that is not natively available on the iPhone or is significantly better than what currently exists
  • Remote access - Mobile applications can extend business software functionality for field employees and give their employees the opportunity to access information easily from anywhere where they have access to the Internet
  • Brand visibility - iPhone applications offer deep aligned and integrated brand experiences any time they are used
  • Monetization - iPhone applications allows developers and publishers to monetize the apps by serving text, image and rich media ads on CMP basis