Multi Level Marketing Software

Customized MLM Software

After a huge research the Multilevel marketing division has gone through a great progress and is presently ruling the money market and the best thing about it is you can have multiple trees. You can be an independent business owner and decide what you want to sell, and even how much you wish to share profits with others. Conversys has pioneered and envisioned flexible business practices, so our MLM software will assist companies to operate efficiently and earn more value. Our team of experienced developers has ample experience in MLM software development and offer quality software packages which are timely and cost effective. We offer comprehensive online solution which can operate locally and also be hosted in web server. The system is segregated into two parts .

  • MLM Application.
  • Integrated SEO friendly website for foreign visitors.

MLM features

The most lucrative feature of MLM software is the System/Company can have one or more than one tree and again which can have many level configurable by the owner of the company during the set up. The different user types of the System:


The admin can manage the entire features of the website almost like other CMS.

  • Basic Configuration
  • Template.
  • Plug-ins.
  • Component.
  • Module.


Investor is allowed to buy one or more policy from the company.

  • Can view request
  • Investment details.
  • Premium details.

Agent or Group Agent:

An agent or group agents collect policies from the investors. The system has unique features and the existing agents can work as a single agent. So collect the policies and share the commission between them.

  • Add a new agent/group agent under him/her against available pin at any level
  • Views own Investor and their policy premium details..
  • View own/child tree, profile and the transaction details, summary, target and more..
  • Get alert for R&D, dues for investors(own & child).


The branch is responsible for collecting amount/money/cheque and policy.

  • Add new investor
  • Sell policy/pin to Investor or agent/premium via agent
  • View own credit limit
  • View transaction reports.

Regional Office:

The regional office takes responsible for viewing branch collection/transactions

The Company(Super) and Its Staffs

Company will handle all the tasks except the Site Admin task. The super can assign or restrict access of his staffs.

  • Node approve/disapprove with remark
  • Process request by other users
  • Sell credit, edit, and delete or block any transaction
  • Block any node/agent/GA
  • Define access of user types
  • Generate payout
  • Add/define RO, Branch, Policy, Level

Note: All the above are default access permission for user type whereas company can set his own access policy as he wants to for any type of user.

Some additional features:

  • Credit System for branch
  • Document management System by bar Code
  • Regional office to manage the branch
  • Custom fields for any entity
  • System has separate Agent Tree. The agents just own some modes for a certain time to simplify the process, level update, finding GAP and make the system run.
  • MXN tree, the nodes of tree belongs to or is owened by agents
  • GA can own a single node
  • Node can be empty or belong to none (GAP).
  • GA can own a single node
  • Generate commission/ payout at any time
  • Company can suspend to redeem the profit/commission if Node agent.
  • Agent can get a level up by collecting Biz value. This needsco & agent permission to do so.
  • The sub tree can be split at level update.
  • Node can have one or more child except at leaf level.
  • Money receipt and payout for investors.
  • Gifts for agents and investors including all kinds of taxes.