School Alert System(SMS/e-mail)


When it is time for school alert, there must be a reliable, fast and affordable system. Keeping in touch with the school members is now much easier with Conversys’ school alert system At Conversys we have we have convenient school alert services which can be accessed just by registering online. Using our school alert system it is even easy to report the absentee students to the guardians using the automated phone system. This is a very essential service for notifying the parents incase their child is missing. We use SMS and alert system for schools and colleges from which the school authority as well as the students and parents can benefit..


  • Fast Reliable and affordable

    Securely send broadcast sound alerts to hundreds - even thousands - within minutes. Every component is backed-up and provided with highly redundant services.No gimmicks at all, no glossy brochures and no expensive overhead. We recognize budgets are also tight, but your students deserve an effective alert system that is priced right.

  • Simple School Communication Message

    This is a basic call where you can use the phone for dialing from a list and also maintains a school message to the answering machine or individual. You do not require any agent or volunteer..

  • Notification Message and Call Transfer

    Using touch phone responses the individual who needs to be contacted can request call transfer to any other person or organization. The phone system dials another number and when the contact is made with the third party or any different phone system, the call is then transferred..

  • Automatic telephonic notification

    This services are becoming popular and affordable too these days and is reliable than the qworld of publications. Automatic phone messaging lets you contact your community instantly! So enjoy the cost effective and timely service we provide you. .

Why Choose Us?

The most comprehensive to use is mass notification system for broadcasting any time-sensitive information to your employees, students, residents, and anybody else whose safety and well-being are important.Alert system at Conversys is an easily configurable system of e-mail, text messaging, web, and voice communication to send ‘real-time messages’ to your recipients. Any organization can use it to broadcast any urgent messages relating to safety, closings, or any critical situation. We offer best student and employee notification system available. Importance of Emergency School Notification and Alerts

  • Notify Students and Parents Of School Schedules
  • Contacting School Board Members For Special Meetings
  • Contact Parents Of Missing Or Late Students
  • Contacting New Members For Orientation
  • Contact School Administrators For Volunteers
  • Reach Everyone for Special Events
  • Communicating Event or Sporting Event Cancellation
  • Contacting School Team Members for Meetings and Practices
  • Coordinating with School Volunteers
  • Enrollment Announcements and Schedules